DSN WEB provides virtual hosting services and dedicated servers on Linux platforms in Estonia, Germany, Netherlands and Israel. It's a perfect solution for your personal blog or company website.

We managed to achieve great results by using the most advanced server equipment, regular system monitoring and preventive work, of course. Our hosting is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Our technical support is always at your service. You will also get your own control panel, free data transfer and many other great bonuses.

We also provide PRO tariffs for highload projects and systems.

For websites on PRO tariffs we increase such parameters as disk space and CPU load. Permissible load is 7 times higher than any other's hosting provider.

For all tariffs:

  • only fast SSD;
  • unlimited mySQL databases;
  • unlimited FTP accounts;
  • PHP version of your choice;
  • Lets Encrypt free SSL certificate;
  • placement in a reliable data center in Estonia, Germany, Netherlands or Israel.

VPS Pro 1

SSD: 50 GB Websites: unlimited websites Duration: 1 month..

VPS Pro 6

SSD: 50 GB Websites: unlimited websites Duration: 6 months..

VPS Pro 12

SSD: 50 GB Websites: unlimited websites Duration: 12 months..

VPS Pro 24

SSD: 50 GB Websites: unlimited websites Duration: 24 months..