For private use

eSync is the ultimate convenience for your computers and tablets!

Synchronize individual folders or all files. Each file in the folders included in eSync is automatically saved to the cloud every time you save it to your computer.

All folders are now available at any time, from anywhere, from any of your computers. Start editing a file at work and finish at home or when traveling. All you need is Internet access.

Only here! No more searching for the files you need in your Dropbox folders.
Organize access to all necessary files and documents in one click on any of your devices as it is convenient for you!

With the eSync application, you can synchronize access to your files for all your devices using the folder structure you already created on one of them.
You no longer need to copy all your work documents, music and videos to every device where you need them - just set up access to them in our application while they are stored in your personal cloud storage up to 2Tb, which we provide.

You can also distribute access rights for other people directly from the application on your smartphone or PC: access rights can be given both for folders with files and for individual files stored in a specific folder.

To use eSync , subscribe to one of our subscription plans. After payment, you will be prompted to download the application for your device. In your personal account you can download the application for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS at any time


Basic: 2 devices and 500Mb storage

Full: up to 5 devices and 2Tb storage